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stefano marzioni

Kizomba Embassy Ambassador DJ Tanya Teila
Kizomba Embassy Ambassador - Stefano Marzioni

Stefano Marzioni (aka VersuS) – Professional Kizomba Dancer – Rome, Italy.

Stefano Marzioni (aka VersuS) is a well-known professional kizomba dancer based out of Italy.  His styles include kizomba, urban-Kizomba, and kizomba fusion. In 2013 he created the Evo-kizomba style which he describes as a mix between kizomba, hip-hop, tango, and some Caribbean dance moves.

He is also a well-known musician, music composer, and choreographer.  His other dance styles include hip-hop, Michael Jackson style, Reggeaton, Cuban, and LA style salsa.

You can book VersuS for upcoming kizomba festivals, corporate events, staged choreographed performances, online classes, brand promos, film, television, and music videos via the below links:


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