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Karolina & Łukasz Vamula

Karolina & Łukasz Vamula – Professional Kizomba Dancers – Warsaw, Poland.

Karolina & Łukasz Vamula are Professional Kizomba Dancers and Kizomba Embassy Ambassadors from Warsaw, Poland.

Karolina & Łukasz also known as VAMULA, have been dancing together since 2008. Before dancing Kizomba, Łukasz was a trained ballroom dancer and Karolina was a trained samba dancer.

Their kizomba adventure began in 2009 when they started learning Kizomba at the first Kizomba school in Warsaw, Poland known as the Montuno Aye. Here they gained valuable knowledge and training as well as receiving training from some other top-class Kizomba Professors.

The biggest influence on their dance development came from Paulo Cruz & Lanna Zamora, Bonifácio Mario Aurio, Gregorio Pires, Dúnia Pacheco and Os Tukina.  Additionally, they attended numerous workshops and festivals learning about other styles of dance to include semba, afro-house, and kuduro.

In 2014 they made it to the finals of ÁfricAdançar, the 7th Edition of Kizomba International Championship, which was held in Milan. This was the first time in history that a couple from Poland made it into the finals. They came in 8th place.

They were able to visit both Cabo Verde and Angola on three separate occasions. These trips helped them to gain a better understanding of the culture of the people that created those dances.

In 2015 they joined forces with Doti aka DJ Dotizinha as their official DJ. Having fallen in love with PALOP music back in 2008, she devotes almost all of her free time and attention to kizomba, semba, funana, and kuduro. When she is in Warsaw, you can normally find her spinning in Kizomba nightclubs.

Nowadays, Vamula holds regular Kizomba Classes in Warsaw at their dance school Akademia Kizomby. 

They also perform at many weekend Kizomba Festivals throughout Europe to include the Ginga Kizomba Festival in Hamburg, the Roma Kizomba Festival, the Semba no Pé in Lisbon, the Oslo Kizomba Festival, the Vilnius Kizomba Festival, the Angolan Festival in Cracow, the Warsaw Kizomba Festival, the Vamóla Dance Festival in Malmö, and the Dança Kizomba Festival in Belgium.

Vamula is focused on the consistent improvement of their dance skills through continuous training, participation in workshops and festivals, and exploring the cultures of the countries from which these dances originate.

Vamula is a project created with a passion for dance by people who understand it and love it.

You can book these Professional Kizomba Dancers from Warsaw, Poland for upcoming kizomba festivals, corporate events, staged choreographed performances, dance classes, brand promos, film, television, and music videos via the below links:


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