Kizomba Ambassadors

Welcome to the Kizomba Embassy Ambassadors page. We are an organization dedicated to sharing the connection of Kizomba with people all over the world! Our goal is to build a cohesive worldwide organization of Professional Kizomba Ambassadors to help elevate all genres of Kizomba Dance and Music under one main Kizomba Umbrella. This includes Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz, and Kiz Fusion. 

Here we highlight some of the top Professional Kizomba Dance Ambassadors from around the world. These include Professional Kizomba Dance Artists, Professional Kizomba Dance Instructors, Professional Kizomba Dancers, Professional Kizomba Djs and Musicians.  Many of our Kizomba Ambassadors are also local organizers for Kizomba Dance Festivals and events in their home countries. 

Our website is multilingual and is currently available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Chinese and German. Click on an ambassador’s photo to view their profile page, which includes contact information as many of these professional dancers and Djs are available for hire for upcoming festivals, corporate events, staged choreographed performances, brand promos, lessons, film, television and music videos!

If you would like additional information on becoming a Kizomba Embassy Ambassador please visit this link.
If you would like to apply to become a Kizomba Embassy Ambassador, please fill out our application form here. 

If you are a Kizomba Festival Organizer please contact us to promote your upcoming festival.
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